The Traffic Safety Store stocks two different lengths of reflective recycled rubber speed bumps; 4’ and 6’ and end-caps for immediate shipment. With ends that are straight up and down, you can combine bumps of different lengths to accommodate any width of parking lot or lane (for example, install a 4’ bump flush up against the end of a 6’ bump to cover 10’ of road surface. Professional looking rounded end caps can extend this to 11’ 6”. Drivers will never know it isn’t one continuous speed bump.)

Being flexible, rubber speed bumps want to naturally lay flat. This added benefit makes them perfect for both gravel roads, as well as paved roads that aren’t perfectly flat. In addition, our rubber speed bumps have two 1.25” channels running their entire length making them great to protect cabling or pipes that need to cross roadways.

With four types of mounting hardware to choose from; 12” galvanized steel spikes, 5” lag bolts and anchors, 3” Large Diameter ‘TapCons’ (LDT), or our exclusive Heavy Duty 18” galvanized steel spikes, free with each order of rubber speed bumps, nobody offers better service on reflective rubber speed bumps than the Traffic Safety Store.

Recycled Rubber Speed Humps

Our modular rubber speed humps allow you to construct speed hump of virtually any width that is 35.5” across. Being much more gentle than speed bumps, emergency vehicles do not need to slow down as much (if at all) when they cross these highly visible and reflective recycled rubber speed humps.

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