Garden can add beauty to any location. Grass makes a vital element in development of garden. Because of the limitation of resources and climatic conditions, at times it becomes difficult to grow grass at certain places. In such places artificial grass takes place of natural lawn or grass. Artificial grass is surface resembling natural grass but is created using synthetic fibers. Artificial grass is extensively used in sports complexes and arenas. Most importantly we get to see artificial grass is covered stadiums and complexes.

Teknolon is a known manufacturer artificial grass,, pitch artificial grass and garden artificial grass. We supply premium quality artificial grass for the most rough and tough use. Because it is made out of synthetic fibers, it can resist aggressive usage without any requirement of irrigation or pesticide. With a onetime installation cost, artificial grass turns out to be very economical.

  • Pet-friendly
  • Save for children
  • No pesticides or fertilizer
  • UV resistant
  • No maintenance
  • Saves water
  • Does not move
  • Stain-resistant
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